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Chicken keeping is all about community. We make it our duty to share our love of chickens with the world, and we love working with fellow chicken keepers in order to do so.

There are a number of ways you can work with us in a way that helps us both and helps our readers. Read on to find out how!

Get Shared

We love to share posts and articles here at Backyard Chicken Project. Sharing posts not only helps our readers to find out more great information about raising chickens, it helps you too!

We have consistently been in the top ten referrals on Google Analytics for the bloggers that we share, and often times hit the top five referrals. We’ve been known to double the number of page views on a given post just by linking to it here on Backyard Chicken Project. Linking is a win-win situation, our readers are exposed to more aspects and perspectives on chicken keeping, and your posts are seen by more people.

How we share:

We have a special format for sharing posts to ensure your content is protected and still seen by as many chicken keepers as possible.

When we share links to post here on Backyard Chicken Project, we do the following:

  1. Write a brand new introduction for the post including our own experience with this chicken keeping topic
  2. Quote a 50 word excerpt from your post within our post so our readers can see your take on the topic and get a glimpse into your writing style
  3. Create a brand new title and new pin for your post to help it spread far and wide.
  4. Link to your post after the excerpt so readers know they need to click over to your post to learn more.

For an example of how we link to fellow bloggers, check out this post.

If you’d like your chicken keeping posts shared on Backyard Chicken Project please contact us and we’ll be in touch about working together. We would love to add you to our list of amazing chicken bloggers!

Guest Contributions

We are now accepting guest contributions for Backyard Chicken Project! Do you have an interesting post idea or a how-to tip that the world just needs to know? We’d love to work together!

Guest contributors can add a bio with links to their own webpage and social media accounts at the end of their post. This encourages our wonderful readers to find and follow you on the web.

Contact us to propose a guest post of your choosing. Please do look over our website before sending us ideas to make sure we haven’t already written about it!

Sponsored Posts

If you think your company or product would be of interest to our readers here at ImaginAcres, we would love to hear about it!  The only products that will be endorsed by this blog are those that we truly believe in.

For those wonderful companies, we would be glad to run a giveaway, review, or advertisement. Please get in touch so we can discuss how our partnership can help chicken keepers worldwide.