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The Coolest Chicken Toys for your Spoiled Flock

Whether your flock is in the throes of winter or the sweltering heat of summer, they get bored quickly in their coop. Never fear, there are several ways to keep your chickens happy and stimulated during these long days, the best of which is a whole slew of chicken toys!

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Your flock of chickens deserve the best. Find out the coolest chicken toys on the planet!

Here are ten of the coolest chicken toys for your spoiled flock:

1. Perches

Perches in and around your coop and pen help your flock keep active no matter what size or type. However, this Thermo Perch helps keep your chickens healthier by warming them during the cold winter months. The heat in the perch warms their feet, which circulates throughout the body to warm the entire feathered beauty. 

2. Swings

Swingin’ is not only a favorite pastime for people but also chickens. Chicken swings come in a variety of sizes and shapes. A couple of things to keep in mind is not to place them too high, so young birds can use them and make sure the perch in the swing is ergonomically right for comfortable use for your chickens.

3. Hanging Toys

Bright colors are especially stimulating for chickens, and these Hanging toys with a rainbow of colors are sure to please your flock. Although they will most likely destroy the hanging toys, they will give them a high time in the coop.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors of all sizes will engage your chickens as they study the reflection and sometimes attack the chicken in they see. Place mirrors at eye level to increase sensory stimulation add a bell to the mirror. 

5. Hanging Treat Ball

Hanging objects and treats are especially amusing for chickens. Cabbages, a water bottle filled with yummy treats, and even a ball can be hung from the roof of the coop or inside of the pen. The chickens enjoying this activity is not only fun for the flock but also for their owner. 

6. Laser pointers

Laser pointers are not just for funny cat videos. Your chickens will enjoy chasing those little red dots as well. Always use caution when using a laser pointer to ensure the safety of your fine-feathered beauties.

7. Flexible Ladder

Did you know that chickens enjoy obstacle courses? Yep, take an old oatmeal container and cut off the bottom for a single tube or tape several of them together. Rocks and stumps make jumping obstacles and add a Flexible Ladder to end the course. The ladder is not only fun but increases your flock’s dexterity and reduces boredom. 

8. Xylophone

A wooden Xylophone in the pen or coop produces merrymaking music as the chickens peck on the keys. The xylophone also adds a second sensory component to the flock’s day to day living. It should be placed on the floor or hung on a wall at eye level, making it easier to play. 

9. Live bugs

Live bugs like crickets and mealworms are a fun treat and excellent entertainment for your chickens! It produces hours of amusement and yummy treats for the entire flock. 

10. Sun flower heads

Adding an entire sunflower head to the pen is another treat for your fine-feathered beauties. The seeds are rich in Vitamin B, but the fibrous head and flowers are also healthy for the flock.   

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