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About Backyard Chicken Project:

Backyard Chicken Project hatched out of the belief that chickens belong in every backyard. Whether you live in the city or country, chickens can bring joy and sustainability to your life. We’re here to teach, inspire, and support!

Here you’ll learn everything there is to know about backyard chicken keeping, from hatching out chicks to growing your very own chicken food. Check out our articles for an abundance of chicken keeping information.

Top Posts:

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We post a new chicken photo on Instagram every day, and every Friday we participate in the much beloved “Fluffy Butt Friday” hashtag. You can get featured on our Instagram by tagging your Instagram photos with #backyardchickenproject


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We here at Backyard Chicken Project believe a good community is worth its weight in gold. Our Facebook community has thousands of chicken lovers to connect with. Post a picture, ask a question, or get support, we’re here for you!

Join our group to meet fellow chicken keepers, share pictures, ask questions, and get support. We’re 6,000 members strong!


Our shop is constantly getting updated with new whimsical chicken wares to help you show your chicken keeper pride!

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