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Tasty Grubs, the healthy treat your hens will love!

We here at Backyard Chicken Project were given the chance to review Tasty Grubs and jumped at it! We’re so excited to tell you all about this wonderful product and how great it is for your flock.

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Our hens love tasty grubs so much they eat them right out of our hand! #homesteading #homestead #backyardchickens #chickens #raisingchickens #poultry

What are Tasty Grubs?

Tasty Grubs are dried black soldier fly larvae. Tasty Grubs are not only a delicious treat, but a wonderful nutrition packed supplement for your chickens.

The Tasty Grubs bag has information about nutrition content for your flock including the following:

  • Protein: 36%
  • Calcium: 4%
  • Crude Fiber: 4.5%
  • Fat: 31%
  • Phosphorous: .67%
  • Moisture: 9%

We received a five pound bag of Tasty Grubs in the mail to try out on our flock. I was shocked when it was dropped off on our porch, this bag of grubs is HUGE. I couldn’t believe how many grubs were jammed into the bag and how heavy dried up bugs could really be.

I was expecting a five pound bag to be small, but the bag will easily last our flock two months of healthy snacking.

I was eager to try out this new product on our hens, but not nearly as eager as they were!

I sat down on the lawn and called the chickens over. They’ve been well trained with bribes to come when called, so all 16 came pummeling toward me at the same time, swarming around me like hungry land sharks. I picked up a handful of grubs and marveled at how un-weird it was to touch them with my bare hands. I really thought I’d be grossed out by the idea of handling grubs, after all they give me the heebie jeebies when I spot live ones in the garden. When they’re dead and dried, however, they aren’t gross at all and feel very much like chicken layer feed pellets.

I tossed out a handful of the grubs into the grass in front of me. The chickens went absolutely nuts, body slamming each other and fighting for the little treats. They swallowed them whole, gobbling up as many as they could before their beaked brethren could get to them. I was shocked to see that a handful of grubs disappeared in less than 30 seconds. I saw that some of our lower pecking order hens were standing off to the side, too intimidated to jump into the whirl of birds to grab some grubs for themselves.

I tossed out a few more handfuls, being sure to spread them out so everyone could get some. I’d never seen such happy birds in my life. This is the same way they react to getting scratch, which is like chicken candy, except these tasty grubs are actually GOOD for them! Our birds love these grubs to much that they were eating them right out of my hand!

Our hens are all going through a terrible molt right now. As you can see in the photos, most of them are half naked with feather loss and while they look ridiculous, they feel even worse.

Growing back new feathers takes a lot of energy and the birds are definitely not their usual happy-go-lucky selves during molt season. I always do my best to give them extra boosts of protein so they have the physical energy to re-grow feathers, but it’s tough to find that much protein for a flock of 16.

Tasty Grubs came to the rescue this molting season. I fed the hens several handfuls of tasty grubs every day for the past three weeks and have noticed a very big difference in their energy levels, and physical appearance. Their feathers are growing back in twice as fast as they were before I started handing out grubs. Two weeks ago those hens that were in the depths of their molt wouldn’t even come outside the coop to free range. Since they’ve been eating grubs, they’ve all been prancing around the yard and enjoying life again.

Our hens love tasty grubs so much they eat them right out of our hand!

Not only have their feathers been growing back in stronger and faster, but their eggshells have been noticeably stronger as well. The addition of tasty grubs has been such a simple one, but has made a huge difference in the health of our flock.

I’ve been feeding the grubs to our flock for three weeks, at a few handfuls per day. I haven’t even used up a quarter of the bag yet. This one five pound bag of grubs will last several months with my flock of 16. That’s an amazing value. After seeing how much the increase in protein and nutrients has helped my flock to re-grow feathers and gain energy during a nasty molting season, I will definitely be a life long buyer of these treats for my hens.

Not only are tasty worms great for your chickens, and believe us your chickens will love them… but this is a wonderful company to support.

Tasty Grubs are made in the USA and the company is family owned and operated. They run a wildlife rehabilitation organization called City Bats Conservancy, and your tasty grubs purchase supports their effort to care for and rehabilitate wildlife. On top of all that, their tasty grubs come with a 100% money back guarantee! This is a small business that we’re proud to support here at Backyard Chicken Project.

If you’d like to get your hands on some tasty grubs, head on over to the website to order some for your flock, they’ll thank you for it! Tasty grubs gives newsletter subscribers a 10% discount on their first purchase and all shipping from their website is free. You can’t beat that deal!

Visit the Tasty Grubs website here to get your hands on some!

Tasty Worms Nutrition

Tasty Worms


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Deborah K. Byrd

Thursday 10th of September 2020

Thanks for this info...I'going to their website right now!