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5 Herbs That Aid in Chicken Health

The addition of herbs to a human’s diet adds flavor and health benefits. Did you know that herbs can do the same for chickens? Many of these herbs are perennials allowing for a one-time investment of a recurring nutritional, medicinal, and immune-boosting food resource. Have you ever thought about growing herbs for your flock? Here …

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Everything Guide to Feeding Chicks

As you’re preparing to hatch eggs this year, now is the time to plan out the feeding schedule and products you will need. To help you, we have put together an everything guide to feeding chicks.  There are several considerations when sorting through when, how much, and what to feed baby chicks.  Factors like medicated or unmedicated …

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Breed Spotlight: Orpington Chickens

Orpington chickens are the cuddle chickens of the coop! These fluffy birds are comfortable in the flock, as well as on your lap. Orpingtons have it all: the fluffy look, the eggstraordinary egg production, dual-purpose qualities, and a mothering disposition.  We’ve put together a quick and simple breed spotlight so you can get the facts …

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