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Our Top Ten Most Used Chicken Products

It can be so overwhelming when you’re just starting out with raising chickens and you’re bombarded with supplies, tools, and necessities for your new hobby.

Over the past ten years, we’ve tried pretty much every chicken product on the market, and we’ve found some products we just couldn’t live with out.

The following ten products are our absolute faves, and we think you’ll love them too!

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What do you REALLY need for raising chickens? We've tried it all, and these 10 products made our list.

1. Medical Supplies/ first aid kit

When you’re raising any kind of animal, you don’t want to be without a first aid kit, but it’s especially true with chickens.

We’ve found chickens to be more accident prone than our other pets. They get caught in the most unlikely situations that lead to wounds and injuries that need to be treated right away.

These first aid supplies also help when we have a hen or chick that isn’t feeling well. Giving her things like probiotics and electrolytes can be just the ticket to get her back to her usual self.

What we keep in our first aid kit:

2. Water Heater

If you live in an area that drops down below freezing in the winter, you don’t want to be without a Water Heater!

We used to have to keep two water founts full at all times, and rotate them between the house and the coop as they froze in the cold weather.

No more!

This water fount heater is totally safe, and so far has lasted us 5 years without issue. It sits under the water fount and plugs into the wall, providing just enough heat to keep the water unfrozen, so your flock never has to go thirsty again, and you never have to carry freezing cold water back and forth from the coop!

3. Hardware Cloth

It took us a long time to come around to Hardware Cloth, but now that we have, we couldn’t live without it!

We used to think plain ol’ chicken wire was enough to keep our chickens in and predators out. Then we had a problem with rats, and had to resort to keeping them out of the coop with hardware cloth.

This stuff really works! The tight weave on this fencing keeps out even the most tricky predators.

4. Fly Traps

Flies are an inevitable part of homesteading and farming, no matter how clean you keep your coop!

We’ve found two fly traps that are the absolute best at catching these pests, while also keeping the chickens safe.

Our fave fly traps:

Victor Super Fly Roll

Victor Fly Magnet

5. Rat Traps

As I mentioned earlier, rats were a big problem for us back in the day, and after finally managing to block them from the coop using hardware cloth, we had to get rid of all the rats that decided to stick around. We found these snapping Rat Traps that worked like a charm to get rid of these pests, and loved that they were re-usable, so you only have to buy them once!

6. Rabbit Cage

I know this is an odd one to have on the list, as it’s meant for rabbits, but we’ve used our handy Rabbit Cage so many times for our chickens I just had to include it in our most well loved products! We use this rabbit cage anytime we need to seclude a chicken from the flock.

We’ve used this cage many times over the years and for many different reasons!

Reasons to seclude chickens:

  • Quarantine new flock members
  • Quarantine sick chickens
  • Keep an injured chicken separate
  • Privacy and space for a broody hen and her chicks
  • Separate a chicken bully

7. Flock Block

We love the Flock Block, almost as much as our chickens do!

This is the perfect treat, and while it’s a bit pricey, it does last a very long time.

We love the flock block because it gives the chickens something to do while they’re cooped up in the winter. Bored chickens tend to pick on each other or themselves, so keeping them busy with something like treats helps the whole flock to function better.

8.Hen Saddles

I thought these were SO silly at first glance. They’re cutesy and colorful, and just seemed so unnecessary. And yes, for many chicken keepers, these might just be unnecessary, but if you have a rooster in your flock, you almost can’t go without one or two of these!

Hen Saddles protect the ‘favorite’ hens in your flock from rooster talons digging into her back day after day. Roosters almost always pick just a few hens that they mount over and over, and that constant action does do damage to your hens.

Hen saddles to the rescue! These protect your hens skin and keep her safe and comfortable, and hey, stylish too.

9. The Chicken Health Handbook

This book has saved our butts so many times I can’t even count. It has everything you’d ever need to know about looking after the health of your flock, from prevention to treatment. We’ve used it to correctly diagnose and treat many issues with our chickens, and we couldn’t live without it at this point!

10. Automatic Chicken Coop Door

We’ve saved the best for last.

Why is this the best chicken product we own?

Because it means no more dragging ourselves out of bed at 5am on a Saturday because it’s time for the chickens to go out. It also means no more rushing home at 8pm to get the chickens back inside before darkness falls.

This lovely product takes all the work out of chicken keeping, so you just get to enjoy the fun.

This awesome door works on a light sensor, so it knows when to open and close, without you having to do a thing! Your chickens will adore you for such a treat!

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