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Let’s Paint Chickens!

You love chickens, I love chickens, lets celebrate that love with some delightful chicken paintings!

I’m offering a free course on how to paint chickens for beginners, and I’d love for you to join me!

You’ll learn:

  • My top suggestions for supplies you’ll need to get started with watercolor
  • How to paint with the wet on wet watercolor technique
  • How to make a gradient with watercolor
  • The importance of white space and line in watercolor
  • How to paint a simple watercolor chicken


Be sure to check out my free printable chicken flock outline before you get started with the watercolor course! You can trace any of these chickens onto your watercolor paper before you begin so you don’t have to bother with drawing your chickens!

Take the course now!

You can find this free chicken painting course in two places, on Skillshare and Youtube.


Skillshare has the whole course laid out in a convenient, easy to follow manner. This course is listed for free, so you don’t need to pay to see it, but if you do wish to sign up, you can view thousands of courses on every topic imaginable!

Take the course on skillshare


For your convenience this course is also shown on youtube, and it’s broken up into three different lessons.

Part 1: Supplies

Part 2: Beginner Techniques

Part 3: How to paint a chicken

I hope you love painting chickens with me!