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Giving Back

Free the Chickens Project

We’ve all seen the photos of hens living their entire lives in battery cages, unable to scratch and pick in the dirt or enjoy their lives. To any animal lover, this imagery is sickening, and the fact that it’s so commonplace is disappointing to the max.

We’re big believers in treating animals well, and we want to see others do the same. We here at Backyard Chicken Project want to see more happy, healthy hens, so we decided to do something about it.

We’re committed to doing all we can to help put an end to factory farms using battery cages for their chickens. We’re also aiming to help homeless and abused hens find new, loving, and safe homes.

Through our Free the Chickens Project, Backyard Chicken Project sends 10% of all profits to non profit organizations to aid in the care of their chickens. This includes profits from our shop, sponsorships, and affiliates.

Help us help them. You can help a suffering hen find a new, loving home.

Who we give to:

The Humane Society of Greater Rochester at Lollypop Farm

This non-profit organization takes in unwanted and abused hens. This shelter has taken in hundreds of hens from abuse and neglect and prepared them for adoption into loving homes.

Click here to donate directly to Lollypop Farm!

How you can help:

Shopping: Check out our shop for some slammin’ chicken swag. We will give 10% of shop profits to the shelter. You get new swag, hens get help. Win-win!

Read our blog: the more you read, the more money that goes to hens in need. How? Every post has advertising, and 10% of our advertising profits will go to the shelter. You learn, they heal. Pretty cool, huh?

Sharing: Share our project with your chicken loving friends! The more people we can get to join our flock, the more hens we can help.

Sponsoring: Sign up for one of our sponsorship options, contact us for opportunities.

Backyard Chicken Project's Help-a-Hen Program donates 10% of profits to a local shelter to help care for formerly abused and abandoned hens.