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The Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Chicken Lovers

With the incredible increase in crazy chicken people in the world, there’s also been a major increase in amazing chicken products! Even so, finding truly great gifts for chicken lovers can be a struggle! How do you know what’s going to make your favorite chicken lover squeal with joy?

Well… that’s where we come in.

We’ve decided to make it easy on you and compile our favorite gifts for chicken lovers into one big ultimate gift guide!

This handy guide is laid out visually with minimal text, because hey, we know you’ve had a long day and just want to get your shopping done already. Clicking on any photo in this post will lead you right to the featured product, easy peasy!

Many of the photos on this post are of products made by yours truly and the rest will lead you to Etsy, where you can buy from directly from fellow artisans and makers. We love to support small business whenever possible and we hope you do too!

Whether these gifts for chicken lovers are for yourself (we won’t tell) or for your favorite chicken keeper, they’re sure to please!

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The Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Chicken Lovers

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Chicken Gifts for the Fashionista

Everyone has a clothes horse on their holiday shopping list, am I right? And a clothes horse that adores chickens? Now that’s someone who’s easy to buy for! There are epic numbers of shirts, leggings, earrings, and accessories that are catered to chicken lovers, the choices are endless!

We’ve picked out a few of our favorites here, but if you’d like even more selection, don’t miss the apparel section in our shop, where you’ll find tons of styles that make great gifts for chicken lovers!

Chicken Gifts for the Gardener

Gardening and chickens go hand in hand… most of the time. Most chicken keepers are also interested in other homesteading activities, because, you know, chickens are a gateway animal to the farming life! If someone on your list has both chickens and a garden, you know they’ll just adore something from this gift guide!

Whether it’s a planter shaped like a chicken, or an informative book on how to garden with your chickens, they’ll be thrilled you thought of both of their favorite hobbies!

Chicken Gifts for the Art Lover

Now, I don’t know a soul on earth who doesn’t appreciate some beautiful artwork for their walls, and if it has a chicken on it?! Jackpot!

Many of these watercolor chickens were painted by yours truly, so you know they’re extra special, and they can be found right in our handy dandy BCP shop!

These others are just too adorable to pass up, and you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be going on my Christmas list this season!

Chicken Gifts for the Chef

If your loved one is the cook or the baker in the family, they definitely need a little extra appreciation this season for all they do to keep your family well nourished! These adorable cooking and baking goods are all found on Etsy and will be sure to add a little touch of whimsy to the kitchen!

I know for sure I need that rolling pin in my life! Chicken cookies, here I come!

Chicken Gifts for the Coffee Lover

Now, I’m not gonna lie, coffee is something to be worshipped in our household. My husband and I are absolute nuts about coffee, and they day can’t truly begin until we’ve had at least a few sips of our favorite brew.

If your favorite chicken keeper is a coffee lover too, you can rest assured they will adore getting a chicken shaped coffee mug as a gift! Pair it with a nice bag of tasty coffee or some homemade baked goods, and they’ll think they’ve died and gone to heaven!

Chicken Gifts for the Decorator

If your favorite chicken lover can rival Martha Stewart with their home decorating skills, this section is for you! From chicken curtains to cozy throw pillows, and even a personalized return address stamp, you can’t go wrong. The home decorator in your life will be thrilled with anything on this list!

Chicken Gifts for the Kids

We’re thrilled to find that more and more families are raising chickens together, with the kids pitching in on chicken care just as much as the adults! It’s so important to teach your kids where their food comes from, and any time they can be involved in the process is a great learning opportunity for them, and wonderful help for you!

Show your kiddos just how much you appreciate their help around the homestead with these awesome chicken gifts for kids!

I hope you enjoyed the ultimate list of gifts for chickens lovers! Did you find the perfect gift for your loved one? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments, and if not, hey, why don’t you check out our shop for epic tons of chicken goodies!


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