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8 Fly Control Products That Really Work to Get Rid of Flies

Raising chickens can bring its fair share of flies! We tried every fly control product out there to get rid of flies in the coop. These are the best fly traps!

As urban chicken keepers and composters, we’ve dealt with a whole lot of flies! Trust me when I say, we’ve tried every fly control product on the market.

There are definite winners and definite losers! This list lays out all the very best fly control products to help you quickly and effectively get rid of flies, whether it’s in your chicken coop, home, or yard.

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A sticky fly trap full of flies.

8 Fly Control Products That Really Work!

1. Fly Ribbon

These old school sticky tape traps still work great to get rid of flies. We’ve found flies flocking to them the second they’re unraveled.

We’ve found the best way to use fly tape in the chicken coop is to weave it between the chicken wire on the run, facing outward. This way they still catch flies on both sides, but the birds can’t access them.

While they do work well, these ribbons fill up with flies very quickly, and chickens have a tendency to get stuck on them if they’re not secured properly. We still use them for the occasional indoor fly, but if you have bigger fly issues, move onto the next item on the list.

2.  Victor Super Fly Roll

The super fly roll is like the next generation of fly ribbon. These sticky traps are huge so they don’t need to be replaced as often. They are very sticky and attract flies like crazy. Again, if you choose to use sticky traps, make sure they’re inaccessible to the chickens, or you’ll be pulling sticky tape off their feathers all day.

3. Starbar Captivator Fly Trap

The captivator is the absolute best fly trap on the market. The very first time we used this trap, it filled to the top with flies in just two days. It’s truly astounding how well this fly trap works, but it does have some downsides. If it isn’t emptied and cleaned out frequently, it does smell really bad.

Also, it’s great that you can use this trap over and over again, but cleaning it out is really gross, so we tend to prefer the super fly roll, which can just be thrown out when it’s full.

A captivator fly trap full of flies.
Our Captivator trap full of flies after two days

4. Victor Fly Magnet Bait

The Victor fly bait is the best bait on the market to put inside the Victor fly trap, or you can use it inside a home made fly trap. It’s inexpensive, and one packet will last a long time.

Fly bait.

5. Revenge Fly Tape Mini Reel

This product is AWESOME! It’s great to use inside the chicken coop because it can be placed out of range of the birds and they aren’t likely to get caught in it.

The full sticky reel gets screwed into the wall on one end of the coop, and the empty reel gets screwed into the wall on the opposite end. The sticky tape is strung from reel to reel, and as it fills up with flies, you pull the crank on the empty side to reel it in, revealing fresh sticky tape.

This system is great because it lasts for weeks and you never have to come into contact with the dead flies. We highly recommend this one!

The Fly Reel comes in two sizes:

Revenge Fly Tape Mini Reel

The mini reel is great for small flocks and smaller fly control operations. It lasted us about a week and a half with our flock of 12 birds.

Huge Fly Reel

The huge fly reel is more well suited for large flocks, barns, and large fly infestations. It will last considerably longer and stretch farther than the mini reel.

6. Fly Predators

We bought fly predators after several fellow chicken keepers suggested them for getting rid of flies. These tiny beneficial insects attack the fly pupae to prevent new flies from hatching. Fly predators won’t help to eliminate your current adult fly population, but they will help to stop the reproductive cycle and prevent future flies.

If you use fly predators, use them in conjunction with one of the fly traps listed to kill both adult flies and their eggs.

I was skeptical of this product, and honestly kind of freaked out to order a bag full of insects, but they really do work! When the predators arrived in the mail, they were in a container full of wood shavings and not gross or scary at all.

I scattered them around the coop and run, making sure to put them in places inaccessible to the chickens so they wouldn’t get eaten. It took a few weeks for them to become effective, but these predators have definitely lessened our fly population.

7. BUG-A-SALT 2.0

This has been our most fun fly product purchase! The bug-a-salt shoots a tiny pinch of salt at a high velocity to obliterate bugs. We use the bug-a-salt to kill flies that find their way into the house. It works much better than a fly swatter because the flies can’t see the attack coming. And it can get to flies in hard to reach places, like ceilings and corners.

This gun is super fun, and strangely makes you wish there were more flies in the house just so you can use it!

Bug-A-Salt gun

Photo credit: Bug-a-Salt

8. The Executioner

We purchased several electric fly swatters before we found the executioner. This is the only electric fly swatter you ever need to buy. The others broke within weeks, or didn’t have a zap powerful enough to kill the flies, only stun them.

The executioner does a fantastic job of getting rid of flies. And, best of all, you can zap them right out of mid air! Fun for kids and adults.

A tennis racket style fly swatter.

I hope this list of fly control products helps all of you get rid of flies as fast as possible!

If you have any other suggestions for outdoor fly traps, please leave them in the comments!

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Saturday 22nd of August 2015

I just stocked up on fly paper thanks to your advice. It's sad how excited I am to go out each morning to find a few more stuck to it!