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12 Badass Chicken Coop Signs for your Gang of Chickens

With the crazy and amazing rise of backyard chicken keeping comes the inevitable rise of incredible chicken coop decor. Some might find it silly to decorate a space occupied by chickens, but we think it’s just plain fun. If you haven’t yet taken the plunge into hanging some chicken coop signs, this one’s for you!

We’ve found the most beautiful, punny, fun, and hilarious chicken coop signs on the market so no matter what your decorating style, there’s a coop sign for you and your flock.

These signs will make great gifts for your chickens. They’re bound to love these signs, or you know, poop all over them, but hey, at least they’ll be entertained!

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12 Badass Chicken Coop Signs for your Gang of Chickens

1. Rise and Shine Mother Cluckers

We just adore this cute sign! It’s made of heavy duty steel, so you know it’s going to last forever, and the cutout shape would look dashing sitting on the outside of a colored coop!

Made by: Ricki and Sons Shop

Material: Steel

Price: $49.00 and up (price varies with size)

Available on Etsy

Rise and Shine Mother Cluckers  Steel wall decor / Metal Wall Brushed Steel

2.  Beware of Tiny Raptors

Have you ever watched your chickens run across the yard and thought, “wow they look just like velociraptors!” Yes indeed they do!

This fun sign will remind you daily of the fact that you’re raising the descendants of dinosaurs, right in your backyard.

Made by: Renmy Store Homewares

Material: Aluminum

Price: $9.20 plus shipping

Available on Etsy

chicken coop sign: beware of tiny raptors

3. Chickens: The Pet That Poops Breakfast

I couldn’t stop laughing the first time I saw this sign! Yes, the thought of my chickens pooping out my breakfast is rather disgusting, but it’s sorta true too.

This sign is great for someone with a good sense of humor!

Made by: Warmth of Wood TX

Material: Wood

Price: $29.98

Available on Etsy

Chickens the Pet that Poops Breakfast Chicken Chicken Coop image 1

4. Personalized Chicken Name Coop Sign

These wood signs are just adorable, and totally customizable to your specific flock! Can’t you just see all their names up there in bright, beautiful colors!?

Made by: GoCluck MN

Material: Wood

Price: $24.00 and up (price varies with size)

Available on Etsy

Custom Coop Sign for Chicken  Duck  Turkey  Geese  Quail image 1

5. Last One in is a Rotten Egg

This chicken sign would look so great hanging over the door of the chicken coop. I know it would brighten my day every time I went to let the chickens out!

Made by: Southern Cute Designs

Material: Wood

Price: $27.99

Available on Etsy

Last one in is a rotten egg chicken coop sign coop sign image 1

6. Beware of Chickens They Can be Real Peckers

Here’s another good sign to give you a chuckle everyday! Especially if you have biters in your flock! This could pretty easily be a DIY chicken coop sign if you’re handy with acrylic paint.

Made by: Northstar Rustics

Material: Metal

Price: $19.79+

Available on Etsy

Beware Of Chickens They Can Be Real Peckers Funny Rooster Farm image 1

7. Wicked Chickens Lay Deviled Eggs

I love the cute chicken wire details on this funny sign. It would look great in the coop, but I could even see it hanging in my kitchen!

Made by: All 4 Seasons Studio

Material: Wood

Price: $75.00

Available on Etsy

Wicked Chickens Lay Deviled Eggs Wreath image 1

8. Custom Family Farm Sign

This classy sign would look wonderful posted outside of any chicken coop or barn. You can customize it to your farm name and your family name. I love the rustic look of it! Of all the metal chicken coop signs out there, this one is my favorite, it’s classy and will last forever!

Made by: House Sensations Art

Material: Steel

Price: $125.00 and up (price varies with size)

Available on Etsy

custom chicken coop signs.

9. Coop Rules

This sign is so fun, and such a great reminder for chickens and people alike! We love the rustic look of the design and the chickens marching all over it!

Made by: KBBLLC

Material: Wood

Price: $39.95

Available on Etsy

Chicken Coop Rules Farming Farm  Custom Small Faux Sliced Log image 1

10. Hot Chicks Inside Chicken Coop Sign

This chicken coop sign is too funny! It would look great on a hot pink chicken coop!

Made by: 81 Metal Art

Material: Steel

Price: $43.00

Available on Amazon

chicken coop sign:  hot chicks inside.

11. Personalized Chicken Coop Sign

We love a good customizable sign and this one would be fun for any chicken lover. It’s totally affordable too! You could even get a few of them! We love how this looks like those vintage chicken coop signs but it’s totally custom to you!

Made by: Ditooms

Material: Aluminum

Price: $18.99

Available on Amazon

12. Crazy Chicken Lady Parking

Who doesn’t want a crazy chicken lady sign? This one will give a good laugh to all who see it.

Made by: Mangou

Material: Aluminum

Price: $25.99 

Available on Amazon

Chicken coop sign: Crazy Chicken Lady Parking.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of badass chicken coop signs, and even more so, we hope you found the perfect one to suit your coop!

Do you love shopping on Etsy? Have a favorite chicken product to share? Let’s chat in the comments!

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