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Chick Care Supplies

When we first started reading about raising baby chicks, we were utterly confused about all the conflicting information out there about what chicks need. As it turns out, chicks are extremely easy to care for if you just have the right setup. This easy and short guide will tell you exactly what supplies you’ll need to care for your new baby chicks!

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Supplies for Brooding Chicks

Brooding chicks is easy when you have the right supplies to get you started! We love brooding in a large rabbit cage to keep the chicks safe and contained. Lay down some pine shavings for bedding on the inside, set up an ecoglow heater, and test the temp with your thermometer and you’re ready to go!

Our favorite brooder supplies:

Rabbit Cage

EcoGlow Brooder Heater

Pine Shavings

Infrared Thermometer

The best chick brooder supplies

Supplies for Feeding Chicks

There are so many products out there geared toward feeding and watering baby chicks, it’s hard to know what to choose! We always choose simple, inexpensive, and easy to use feeders and founts for our chicks, as they need refills several times a day! We also use unmedicated feed and grit, because the chicks we get from the hatchery have already been treated, and we don’t want to overmedicate unnecessarily.

Our favorite chick feeding supplies:

Chick Water Fount

Chick Feeder

Chick Starter Feed

Chick Grit

The best chick brooder supplies

Setting up your brooder and caring for chicks

Once you have all the chick care supplies you need, it’s time to get it all set up and bring home your chicks!

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