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Chickens 101

New to chicken keeping? Learn all the basics here!

Chicken Breeds

The very best breeds for your needs!

Raising Chicks

All about brooding chicks at home!

The Chicken Coop

Everything you need to know about building your first coop!


Cooking with eggs, preserving eggs, and egg problems in hens, it’s all here!

Feeding your Flock

What to feed, what not to feed, and how to feed for free!

Hatching Chicks

Whether with an incubator or broody hen, these articles help with it all!


Find out how to diagnose and solve chicken health issues

Name your Chickens

Our chicken naming guides are here to help you name your whole flock!


From mice and flies to mites and lice, we’re here to help with it all!


There’s nothing worse than a predator attack. Find out how to prevent them!


Everything you need to stock your coop and take excellent care of your hens!

Winter Care

All about caring for your chickens in the cold, long winter.