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Who we are

We are a movement. A backyard movement of crazy chicken people spreading their love across the world. We believe in the happy, healthy, spoiled chicken.

We believe in getting back to the land. We believe in treating animals right. We believe our project has what it takes to make the world a better place, one chicken at a time.

What we’re all about

Our website has three main goals… to learn, love and care with crazy chicken people everywhere.


Our readers visit the Backyard Chicken Project blog to learn more about raising chickens from our many articles on the topic. The more we learn, the more we share, and the better chicken keepers we all become, together.


Our shop offers our flock of crazy chicken people the opportunity to buy the most bangin’ chicken products on the market. From chicken mugs to personalized home decor, this shop is chock full of incredible finds for the excitable chicken keeper.


Our community offers support and engagement with fellow chicken keepers around the world. This is where our readers share photos, tips, laughs, and the occasional tear as they connect with fellow chicken lovers.