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Free DIY Chicken Coop Plans: 20 Easy Ideas to Build

Here are 20 Free Chicken Coop Plans to choose from. There are Backyard Chicken Coops, Colorful and Architectural Coops, and even some Outrageous Coops.

Is building a new coop on your summer to-do list? Building a backyard chicken coop is one of those diy projects that’s both fun to dream up and totally overwhelming to build. That’s why it makes sense to use detailed plans that have step by step instructions to help you along the way. Most of the chicken coop ideas on this list come with a material list as well as photos or illustrations of the entire process so you don’t get lost.

Getting started on your new chicken coop is as easy as picking a beautiful design off this list, making a shopping list, and following the detailed instructions to build it yourself. To top it all off, all of these plans are free, simply click the title of the coop you like to get access to the plans!

Let’s get started!

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20 Free Chicken Coop Plans

1. Small Free Chicken Coop with Planter Plans

This charming little coop has dual functionality, a chicken coop and a planter box. It’s perfect for just a few hens and you can grow their treats right in the planter box. The plans include an easy access clean out tray and nesting box.

In our opinion, easy access is one of the most important features of a small chicken coop, because it can be really tough to clean and collect eggs otherwise.

A blue chicken coop with a garden.

Photo Credit: Gina

2. Construct 101 8×10 Chicken Coop

If you’re looking for a fully functional chicken coop that can house a medium sized flock, this is it! We love the fully covered chicken run, that’s a wonderful feature for keeping out predators, and the roof on top will keep the bedding dry too, which means it will last longer between cleanouts.

This coop also features outdoor access to the nesting boxes, which means you don’t need to enter the enclosed area every day in search of eggs.

A red and white chicken coop with a large run. The text reads 8 by 10 chicken coop plans.

Photo Credit: Construct101

3. Heather’s Recycled Wood Coop

If you’re looking to save even more money building your chicken coop, this one is a clear winner. This coop’s frame is made from wood pallets and used windows. What a great way to recycle and cover your feathered flock at the same time.

There are many places you can pick up old pallets for free, just try to make sure they haven’t been used to transport hazardous materials as that could harm your chickens.

The best place we’ve found to get pallets for building projects is our local feed store. They get livestock feed as well as bedding delivered on pallets weekly and stack them up for the taking when they’re done!

A chicken coop in the woods.

Photo Credit: Heather

4. The South City Coop

This coop is a huge space saver. Only three feet wide the additional run brings it to almost 22’ in length. It is both efficient and roomy for a limited space.

We love the shingled roof, it not only keeps out bad weather, but it looks lovely too! This smaller coop uses a very simple construction process that would be perfect for a beginner to take on.

The only real downside to this one is there’s very little space for chickens, you could only keep a few birds inside.

A small green chicken coop next to a house.

Photo Credit: South City Coop

5. Shed Free Chicken Coop Plans

This coop is adorable and made with recycled materials, which are always a great way to save money.

The sloping roof and full-size door make for easy entry for the flock owner which makes for easy cleaning of the coop! We love the playful design of this stylish chicken coop.

The only thing that would make it better would be an attached chicken coop run for the hens to get outside and play.

A blue shed made into a chicken coop.

Photo Credit: Ana White

6. Swingset Chicken Coop

We think this swingset chicken coop is such a brilliant way to re-use an old swingset and build a chicken coop on the cheap at the same time.

This coop includes a fenced in chicken run for the flock to spend their time in during the day. The only thing we would change is to close off the space between the coop and the run so the chickens have a more protected place to sleep at night.

This coop as-is would likely be fine in a place that has year-round warm and mild weather. However, most locations see plenty of cold, snow, wind, and rain and the chickens would need protection from that in a completely closed coop.

7. The Kerr Center Chicken Tractor

What a cool concept for a chicken coop! This chicken tractor is a great design if you have a lot of land and the ability to rotate your flock through the pasture.

Chicken tractors are great because the chickens can always have access to fresh ground with the protection of the fenced in run. If you do it right and rotate frequently, you never need to clean the chicken run because the poop gets left behind to fertilize the pasture.

This one looks like a relatively easy build that can be done cheaply too!

A chicken coop with chickens inside next to a corn field.

Photo Credit: Cortney Loyd

8. Mammy’s 1895 Chicken Coop

This coop is steeped in history. The original coop was built in 1895 by the grandparents of Joy Tarter from Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment.

The coop was so sturdy she had a replica made in her yard and generously shares the plans with others.

We love how this huge coop has enough room for a large flock of chickens and the attached chicken run gives them lots of outdoor space!

A large red chicken coop and attached run.

Photo Credit: Tater Farm and Ranch

9. Home Depot Free Chicken Coop Plans

Did you know the Home Depot has chicken coop plans, and they’re free?!

The best part about the plans is they tell you exactly what you need to buy to build the coop.

These chicken coop plans even have videos and photos of every step to help you follow the steps. This simple chicken coop is absolutely perfect for a beginner or someone who needs a quick coop, as you could finish it easily in a weekend!

A red and white coop with a chicken walking down the ramp.

Photo Credit: Home Depot

10. The Picturesque Chicken Coop

This beautiful chicken house would look stunning in any backyard!

The creator of this coop was concerned about possible predator attacks and shows you how to bury chicken wire around the perimeter to keep out digging predators. They also included a metal roof in this design, which will last a long time and even allow you to collect rainwater if you’d like!

We love that there are tons of photos of the building process to help you create the same design at home.

A small chicken coop with two chairs in front.

Photo Credit: Coq a Vin

11. Home and Garden Chicken Coop

This medium sized coop will house 18 of your feathered gals.

These printable plans are chock full of detailed measurements and graphics from every angle of the project. This great design has multiple entry points into the coop and chicken run to make for easy access for the chicken keeper.

Plans for a large red chicken coop and run.

Photo Credit: Home and Garden Plans

12. Trevormade Free Chicken Coop Plans

This little beauty is a chicken cottage complete with a white picket fence.

It’s big enough for 10 chickens, and the cedar shingles used on the outside of the coop can be painted to any color palette you desire.

We love the windows covered in hardware cloth to keep out predators and pests, as well as the fact that the chicken coop is raised up off the ground. This feature keeps diggers like rats and foxes from getting access to the coop.

A turquoise chicken coop with an attached run.

Photo Credit: Trevor

13. The Wee Kirk Coop

The church design of this wee coop is perfect for four hens and doubles as a chicken tractor, allowing your hens to move about the yard. 

Having a portable chicken coop is so handy, especially if you have a lot of land for your chickens to forage on. We love the intricate design and think it would fit in perfectly in almost any backyard!

A chicken coop that looks like a small church with steeple.

Photo Credit: Todd Leach

14. Ana White’s Small Chicken Coop with Planter

This coop is simply adorable, and Ana White and Gina from Lady Goats and are so kind to share free plans to build it yourself!

We love that this coop has outside access to the nesting boxes, as well as a fun planter on top of the built in chicken run that you can use to plant veggies and herbs to feed to your chickens. We would plant greens, basil, and radishes to feed our flock.

You can also get really creative with this coop and paint it any color you’d like. You could even add a chicken mural or some sweet chicken coop signs to the outside.

Photo: Lady Goats

15. The Egg Plant Coop

This purple beauty has windows for good ventilation and a big run for your girls to get their exercise. Additionally, there are corner perches that are a big hit with the owner’s flock.

We love that it fits in perfectly with the landscaping, and you can’t beat a purple coop with such a clever name!

A purple chicken coop with a run and garden.

Photo Credit: Navy Chick

16. Redeem Your Ground Free Chicken Coop Plans

This coop has room for not only one backyard animal but two.

It’s made to house both chickens and rabbits, but if you don’t raise rabbits, you could still use their hutches to house broody hens and chicks or use it to keep sick hens away from the flock.

The open concept of this coop allows for plenty of air movement but may only be feasible in warmer climates.

A chicken coop with garden.

Photo Credit: Doug Scott

17. Super Duper Coop

Another great set of plans from Home and Garden.

This coop is a whopper and will comfortably suit 24 chickens. The extended runs help the coop to feel even roomier.

We love how easy this one is to clean, and all the windows for lots of fresh air. This big chicken coop would be perfect for someone with lots of space in the country!

Plans for a large chicken coop with a run attached.

Photo Credit: Home and Garden Plans

18. Hen Haven

This coop is what you need if you have a flock of over 25. It is 120 square feet, giving lots of space for your chickens to roam.

This structure hardly even looks like a chicken coop, and could be just what you need if your HOA has strict rules on the appearance of outbuildings, you’d never guess it was a chicken coop!

A chicken coop with a red door.

Photo Credit: Hen Haven

19. My Mid-Life Crisis Coop

This absolutely beautiful coop truly has it all.

The gazebo style is pleasing to the eye and the windows all around will let in lots of natural light. The attached chicken run will give your hens lots of time outside and the whole coop is easily accessible by doors all around for easy cleanup and egg collection.

The hanging plants and flowers are just the icing on the cake!

A white chicken coop with a run attached and hanging plants.

Photo Credit: Todtrac

20. Hotel Eggcelsior Free Chicken Coop Plans

You have to say this is one mighty fine chicken coop. 

This coop has a tin awning, fabric curtains, and a chalkboard sign complete with hotel rates!

We love the fun design and could see this sort of creativity spreading to other outbuildings until you have a whole tiny Western town in your backyard!

Hey, we can dream, right?

A chicken coop that looks like an old west tavern.

Photo Credit: The Eggcelsior

Did you find a coop idea that you just can’t live without? You know you can always tweak a coop plan and make it uniquely your own.

We would love to see pictures of your coop whether you’re building a new one or have already built that unique coop you’ve been dying to share.

Share your picture and description in the comments, and we’ll be happy to show off your coop.

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Happy building everyone!

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