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20 Chicken Shirts for the Crazy Chicken Lady in your life

Every crazy chicken lady needs a sweet new tee to show her chicken love. We’ve dug up some of the funniest and sweetest chicken shirts available on Etsy from handmade sellers.

These shirts come in tons of cool colors to match your personality, and your chickens will love them too!

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20 Sweet Chicken Shirts

20 Chicken Shirts for the Crazy Chicken Lady in your life

Chic Henrietta the Chicken

Not only makes you smile when you see that cute face but this shirt is made with a Tri-blend fabric containing 50% Repreve® polyester from recycled plastic; 25% organic, US grown, combed, ring spun cotton; and 25% TENCEL™ Modal. Each shirt uses 6 recycled poly water bottles and all fabric is spun, knitted, processed and finished in the USA. Win-Win!

chicken shirts

Just a Girl Who Loves Chickens Shirt

This one contains the mantra of so many of us. This shirt comes in sizes from children to adult so you could get every girl in the family one!

chicken shirts

Chicken Whisperer

Do we have any out there? I see a few of you raising your hands. This shirt is nicely priced and comes in black, white and the white marble showed in the picture.

Hip Chicken Shirt

What a hoot! This Raglan shirt (what some of us know as a baseball tee) comes in a variety of colors including pink, red, teal, gray purple and black for lots of choices. These shirts are handmade in Alpine, TN.

Just A Girl That Loves Chickens Tee

This has the cutest fluffy hen on it you can imagine. Her name is Gabby the Hen and isn’t she a sweet thing! This shirt is a cotton blend and comes in sizes for the entire family.

Chickens Make Me Happy Shirt

This shirt certainly makes a statement. It comes in all sizes and has two fun colors: Grey Freckled and Red Raglan.

I Just Freaking Love Chickens, OK?

This shirt has a fun bold design. This watercolor chicken shirt is sure to please all chicken lovers. It comes in different color designs: Heather Grey, Seafoam Blue, and Pink.

Rock, paper, scissors

This rooster shirt says it all. For those with a clucky sense of humor this shirt would make a wonderful gift. It is available in a large number of colors.

Hangin’ with My Chick

This is a great matching shirt for you and your BFF. This handmade shirt is available in three colors for you to choose from.

Easily Distracted By Chickens

These Tshirts are ring-spun cotton shirts in a variety of soft colors:  Heather Peach, Heather Dusty Blue, Heather Lilac, Heather Ice Blue, Heather Forest, Deep Heather, Dark Grey Heather, Heather Raspberry, and Heather Orchid. A great find for girls and women both!

“Introverted But Willing To Discuss Chickens”

This shirt is a great conversation starter! What a fun way to attract fellow chicken lovers! This 100% Cotton Unisex shirt is available in four colors.

Mama Hen Shirt

The tee that is perfect for all those Chicken Mamas out there. Available in 16, yes 16 different colors, this shirt would make a great gift for you for sure. You could get one for someone else or just buy yourself a second one in a different color. Ha!Ha!

Chicken Love

This shirt is a one-of-a-kind design that you can personalize by choosing which fabric you want to make your design. There are tons of options to choose from! Great for those friends who love quilting along with chickens. Of course, quilting is second to chickens as it should be!

I Dream Of  A World Shirt

This hilarious shirt tackles the age-old joke of “Why did the chicken cross the road?”  What a fun shirt! It comes in a variety of styles, tee, sweatshirt, tank top, off the shoulder and a baseball tee. You can have them all!

Floral Chicken Shirt 

This would make a great staple for your Fall wardrobe. Matched with a pair of jeans and a button-up sweater it is a classic. It’s available in 32 colors/tri-blends for you to choose from.

chicken shirts

I’m Nuts For Fluffy Butts!

You knew we couldn’t resist this one.  Every year a new design comes out with this fun line so if you like the maroon get one soon.

Super Cool Chicken Lady

This shirt is a stunning collection of whimsy and bling. These shirts come in both tees and tanks and with or without bling. Like who doesn’t love bling? Available in tons of colors you will find the one perfect for you.

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Mother Clucker

This chicken shirt is great fun! It’s hilarious, cute, and edgy all at once. This shirt is even available in custom colors so you can get one to fit your personality!

Feeling Cute Shirt

This will draw people in to read and then step back as they do. Haha! What a blast! Each of these shirts is handmade using sublimation ink, which adheres the ink in the fibers of the shirt.

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I’m a Simple Woman Tee

This is a fun vintage look shirt that is also available in a tank. This brand of tee will not shrink and hold up great for daily wear. The material is incredibly soft and the design is dyed into the fabric. 

If you’re a simple woman who loves coffee AND chickens, make sure to check out our handmade chicken mugs in our Etsy shop for your morning cuppa’.

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There you have it! A collection of chicken shirts to choose from. You can find more chicken shirts in our Backyard Chicken Project shop!

If you jump in and buy one take a selfie of yourself and share in the comments!

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