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10 Drool Worthy Chicken Coops for Inspiration

We’ve gathered up our top ten favorite drool worthy chicken coop ideas to share with you today. The chickens who get to call these coops home are very lucky ladies, indeed!

When it comes to ideas for your chicken coop, variety is the name of the game. Or is it variety is the spice of life? Either way, the natural craftiness and creativity of chicken keepers world wide have lead to some pretty incredible chicken coop designs, both up for sale and on private estates.

If you’re searching for free plans of Chicken Coops you’ll want to make a few tweaks to add some of these inspirational details! Of course, having a functional coop is important too.  You’ll want to bear in mind the risk of predators while designing your coop. Make sure to incorporate safety features as well as the gingerbread when you’re searching for chicken coop ideas!

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A hobbit inspired chicken coop.

Our Favorite Top 10 Chicken Coop Ideas

1. The Aviary at Bunny Williams Estate

Now, these chickens are living the high class life! Honestly, this entire property is astoundingly beautiful, chock full of gardens and ponds. It’s the dream location for any human, and certainly any chicken!

A green chicken coop with a large outdoor screened in run.

Photo Credit: Tone on Tone

2. Hobbit Hole Chicken Coops

This company has the most amazing chicken coop ideas and play houses that look like hobbit holes!! I wish they would build me a hobbit hole house, they’re so incredible. This is one of our favorites of their chicken coops!

A chicken coop that looks like a hobbit home.

Photo Credit: Hobbit Hole

3. Neiman Marcus Heritage Hen Mini Farm 

Are you one of those people who has $100,000 to drop on a chicken coop? If so, this one’s for you. Based on the Palace of Versailles, this elegant coop comes equipped with several floors, a chandelier, and a library. So many things for your chickens to poop on! Where could you go wrong?

A beautiful chicken coop surrounded by raised bed gardens and a white picket fence.

Photo Credit: Neiman Marcus

4. Redeem Your Ground Chicken Coop

This coop is just… breathtaking. The potted plants, the beautiful walkway, the breezy feel of it all, we just adore it.

Redeem Your Ground has a ton of great information on their site about raising chickens and getting back to the land, be sure to check it out! 

Need some chicken coop inspiration? We've gathered ten of the most incredible chicken coop ideas on the market all in one place!

5. The Arch Chicken Coop by Framebow

Beautiful and unique, The Arch puts a modern twist on the traditional chicken coop design. This fancy combination coop and run would be adored by any chicken, and it certainly would add some curb appeal to your home! What more could you ask for, really?

A chicken coop that features big arches.

Photo Credit: Framebow

6. Heather Bullard’s Chicken Coop

This baby has been featured in magazines, and you can see why, it’s astoundingly gorgeous! Drool worthy indeed! This coop must be the envy of every chicken keeper for miles around. We especially love the cupola and the circular windows, what a beauty!

A white chicken coop with circular windows and barn doors.

Photo Credit: Heather Bullard

7. Three Little Blackbirds Chicken Coop

I’m not sure if this is a chicken coop or a mansion that chickens happen to live in, but it definitely fits the bill for drool-worthy chicken coops! You’ll have a whole list of chicken coop ideas by the time your done looking at this beautiful coop!

A very large white chicken coop with a big run and a blue door.

Photo Credit: Three Little Blackbirds

8. The Chicken Mansion

We love the little artistic touches that make this chicken coop a masterpiece. The mix of white and natural wood, the breezy feel, the adorable chicken ladder with little twigs… it’s all just so whimsical and wonderful. This is a favorite for sure!

A white chicken coop with chickens free ranging outside.

Photo Credit: Liz Marie

9. Cordwood Chicken Coop

We’re total suckers for anything cordwood construction, and this coop is just too beautiful! We love the incorporation of glass into the walls, and the living roof is a really cool touch!

A cordwood chicken coop.

Photo Credit: Joanie’s In the Garden

10. Timber Chicken Coop

Closing out our list of drool-worthy chicken coops is this incredible chicken coop idea found on the already drool-worthy website, Houzz. We love how this coop is rustic and natural, it tucks right into its woodland surroundings perfectly.

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Tuesday 23rd of April 2024

Where can I find plans for this?


Saturday 27th of April 2024

There used to be plans for that coop on Tractor Supply but they've since removed it. So sorry! I don't know if the plans for this one are still out there somewhere.